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Bubbly Belle Bath Bomb

If you need to start your day on a high, you can draw a hot bath and throw a bubbly belle bath bomb in there get in and let the wholesome power of necessary oils and minerals rejuvenate your senses.

Who does Bubbly Belly Bath Bomb work?

The sodium bicarbonate inside the bath bomb is a base,  and citric acid is an acid. This base and acid perform when they come in connect with water, create a reaction which clear all the necessary oils, fragrance and clean agent into the water. Carbon dioxide is released during this reaction that results in a fizzle.

bubbly bellle bath bomb

How to use a bath bomb?

The bath bomb is a make a fast spa experience in your bathroom. Some of these steps are as follows

Drop your bath bombs. Smoothly drop your bath bomb interior the hot water, it will immediately start to fizzle and the colour of your bath water will change. Depending on which bath bombs you have picked, the necessary oils in the bath bombs will also fill the bathroom with their perfume at this point.

Start with hot water. Your bath should be filled with hot water after time you start off and you will demand to make sure that the water is the benefit temperature for you. This is suggested because once you drop the bath bomb, adding any more water to cool or hot the water would decrease your bath bomb or leave dusty residue behind.

Benefits of a bath bomb

There are many benefits of a bath bomb. Some of these areas below

Cleansing and moisturizing. These bath bombs help to cleanse the skin without stripping away oils and necessary moisturizing agents already present in your skin. Once you are done with your bath, you can also top up with a moisturizer to more tape in the hydration.

It helps improve sleep. People who find it hard to fall asleep rapidly use bath bombs to soften their body and mind before they go to bed.

The side effect of Bubbly bath bombs

The ingredients used in these bath bombs are safe to use, but people who are hypersensitive to certain necessary oils should take care to read the ingredients list correctly. If you are not allergic to oils and perfume, then these bath bombs would have no side effect for you as necessary oils are pretty diluted once the bomb is dissolved in your bathwater. So there is no side effect used bubbly belle bath bomb. 


Safe ingredients. The ingredients used in these bath bombs are secure, and the necessary oils are of the best element.


Presence of SLSA. The ingredients are pretty low down on the list which means that a small quantity of SLSA is used to make these bath bombs.


the necessary oils a big quality and the colours used are extremely pretty, which also makes your social media bath time posts much more enjoyable. You can gift these bath bombs to a friend and loved one who is in need of some TLC, and they will absolutely thank you for offering them to a great bath bomb Variety like bubbly belle. 

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