Wholemeal flour x White flour: learn more about them

When it comes to diet, a lot is talked about replacing foods with white wheat flour for its whole versions. But before you go out there cutting out products from the menu, how about understanding how the organism works with each of them?

To begin with, it is interesting to remember that a healthy diet must rely on the fibers present in whole foods, as they help to satisfy hunger for longer and are better utilized when compared to white flour products.

But that does not mean, for example, that the integrals do not get fat. And more: that they can be used by diabetics to replace the preparations with refined flour, since they have sugar level similar to hers, in the matter of glycemia.

An example of this is bread: both white and whole increases blood sugar by 70 to 120 mg / dl. With Max Keto Burn two slices of brown bread, the blood sugar content is higher than in the intake of two tablespoons of refined sugar.

And speaking of glycemia, this index strongly affects the accumulation of fat, especially in the hips and belly. It also participates in inflammatory processes and fatty degeneration of the liver.

In addition, excess blood sugar is also responsible for the onset of type 2 diabetes and obesity.

Whole, refined and gluten-free: understand how they work

This questioning about white or wholemeal flour is typical of our day. Much of this is due to the fact that the wheat we eat today causes discomfort in many people, something that had not happened for thousands of years.

It is that, unlike modern wheat, the elder had excellent nutritional properties.

The grain of the wheat was modified, received a unique structure of protein and starch, to give more elasticity to the mass, lightness and strength to the products as made with it.

This altered starch causes large insulin spikes – which is not the case with whole grains such as rye, rice, barley, as well as old wheat species, such as eikorn, originally from the Fertile Crescent, the origin of agriculture.

There is more: Keto Max Burn XS the famous gluten, which many are withdrawing from the diet on their own, is characteristic of contemporary wheat. And the reason is easy to understand: in Latin, the word means “glue,” an indispensable element in contemporary cooking to agglutinate the mass.

Going back to the case of einkorn, which I quoted above, it contains four times less gluten, and with different traits. So much so that with it, it is possible to produce a crusty bread, but French bread, soft and soft pizza dough or cookies, no.

So before you eliminate or add food to your routine, try to better understand your own body and see how the products work in it. That way, it will be easier to choose what is best for you, rather than simply following the fashion recipe.

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